June 2015

The beginning …

Hello and welcome to my first ‘miles to pounds’ blog post representing the start of my marathon and fundraising journey. To begin, I’m a 25 year old female currently living and working in Leicestershire. I’ve recently been offered a place in the Virgin London Marathon 2016 with the charity, Brake.

Brake – http://www.brake.org.uk – are a national charity who work to prevent road casualties, make communities safer, and support families suffering the aftermath of a road crash. In June 2014, I received a devastating phone call and found out that my 14-year old cousin, Liberty Baker, had been killed that morning on her way to school by a dangerous driver. Brake’s work helped family members during this time and the importance of road safety has never felt so prominent. This is why I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of completing the London Marathon 2016 whilst also raising money for Brake and the work that they do.

This blog is going to follow my progress over the next few months in terms of my fundraising total and marathon miles. I’m hoping to update weekly starting with hoe many miles I’ve ran that week and how much I’ve raised so far.

I’m not particularly a runner and up until 8 weeks ago I hadn’t ever run more than a few miles! To get me started, I’ve taken up a 14-week, 10K training programme. Today, I’m currently at the end of week 8 and am doing a 5K run in approximately 30 minutes.

Any advice, running and fundraising would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me!

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2 thoughts on “The beginning …”

  1. Hi Abby, what a fantastic thing to do in memory of Liberty. I live in Witney myself and will be taking part in the fun run as part of LibFest this weekend. Good luck with your training – if you have any running or marathon questions please ask. I not only ran London last year but I’m a British Athletics qualified coach. I’d be happy to help.

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