June 2015


Runs – 3

Miles – 8.48

Total Time –  1h 35m 57s

My running week goes from a Monday to Sunday each week, though I’m aiming to update on a Monday although this week I’m a day behind!

Taking out Monday’s rainy treadmill run, the past week has been a little warmer outdoors and has proven harder for me as I’m generally used to running at cooler temperatures at around 13-14 degrees Celsius so this week I feel like I’ve taken a bit of a back-step.

On Saturday was the Libfest event in Witney (www.libertybaker.co.uk) which was set up by some of Liberty’s friends from her youth club to remember and celebrate her life. The day started off with a 5k fun run and an afternoon filled up with local bands.

The start line of the Libfest 5k fun run
The start line of the Libfest 5k fun run

The route was actually 3.4k (or 2.2 miles) and was my quickest run yet completed in 19.50. This was mainly because I was egged on by family members. Sadly I was beaten by my father though not by myself – on a very hot Saturday morning the sausage sandwich for breakfast was one of my less smart ideas and admittedly I took a 2 minute walk during the run!

Once showered and changed the day was absolutely amazing with a great turnout. The burger and pimms were an added bonus!

In terms of fundraising this week has been another slow week though I have been offered a raffle prize of a ticket for 4 to go bowling from ‘New York Thunderbowl’ in Kettering. Another big thank you. I’m actually going on holiday next weekend and once I’m back with progress my fundraising mission further.

Finally for this post, today is exactly one year since Liberty was taken away from us and I just want to end this post with the below photo.




1 thought on “2K…”

  1. It was fantastic to be a part of the fun run. I really enjoyed the run and it was great to see so many of the town either involved or supporting. I’ve got a feeling it will just be the start of an amazing legacy.


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