January 2016

Training: Week 1

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I’m now at the end of week 1 (out of 16) of my training plan so thought I’d put together a round up from the past week …

Monday – rest day.

Tuesday – run with the club. I managed a 4.47 mile run in 49.0 minutes with some rain! My minimum with the plan was 3 so reached my target. I wasn’t feeling too good I think I’d eaten too close to the run so was quite surprised to get that distance in. 

Wednesday – Pilates. So along with running 3-4 times per week I thought I’d taken on a class to help stretch and tone. My core isn’t great so hopefully the class will help. As for my first class it went fairly well and overall I enjoyed it. It obviously worked as my muscles felt better than they have done in a long time!

Thursday – second training run with the club. 4.64 miles in 50.35 minutes. After Pilates the night before I felt pretty good. It was a really dry, cold night, the coldest yet so went out wrapped up in a hat though I must get something better as it got quite hot after 15 mins or so! We went off in small groups and went up about 3 hills – the last one got me completely! My minimum for the run was 4 so I was happy with achieving over.

Friday – rest day.

Saturday – rest day. I’ve spent the weekend away with friends so even though I have a short three mile run in for today under the sub-5 plan I skipped it (just for this week I promise!).

Sunday – 5.02 miles in 53.05 minutes. This was my long run of the week which I decided to ease myself into. I hit just over the beginners 50 minute target alongside the beach in Aberdovey, North Wales. Great start to the day and I managed to get out before the rain started. I felt as though I could have carried on however not knowing the area it was hard to know where next along with being surrounded by hills I didn’t want to go too far away! It was very windy and running towards it to begin with I found it difficult but once I got into it I really enjoyed it.

I’m happy with how this weeks gone and how I’m easing into training – fingers crossed I’ll be crossing that finish line in 15 weeks time!

In addition to London I’ve also signed up to the Silverstone half marathon taking place on Sunday 13th March.

On the fundraising front it being January I’ve kept it pretty quite though still posting Facebook updates and Instagram photos after each run. I’ve been collecting unwanted Christmas presents too for raffle/tombola prizes.

I also last weekend (2nd January) took part in an interview with BBC Radio Leicester about my journey/storey. I’ll post up the link in the week along with other cuttings from local newspapers.

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