January 2016

Training: Weeks 2 and 3

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It’s been a busy few weeks moving house hence the lack of update (and internet) last week.

Week 2

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4.86 miles in 52 mins 48 seconds. A run with the running club, I had a very tight calf but managed to work through it holding out for my Wednesday full stretch!

Wednesday – Pilates and again finished feeling great! Mum joined me this week and my breathing sequences were slightly better.

Thursday – Rest day – an unexpected one due moving house the following morning.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Market Harborough Parkrun (5K). Achieved my new PB on this route at 30.10. I also ran to the park which is about 0.7 miles from home but haven’t included this in my count – every little helps!

Sunday – Long-run day. Looked outside the window to a street full of snow! My friend who’s also doing the marathon messaged me and we both agreed to run to the gym, from different areas, then do a treadmill session. I’m not a treadmill person so took it quite slow at 12 minute miles with a slight incline. Really pleased though and including the run there completed 6 miles in approx 1 hour 15, give or take with my adding up!

Week 2 – Total:

Runs – 3

Miles – 13.96

Time – 2.37.58

Week 3

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – A nice, steady run at running club – 3.87 miles in 42 minutes, 3 seconds – good start to the week!

Wednesday – Pilates

Thursday- 4.89 miles in 53 minutes 31 seconds, another positive run with the club.

Friday – Rest

Saturday -Market Harborough Parkrun – 3.10 miles in 31.14. Debated going this morning but got myself out of bed half an hour before to make the effort, slightly slower than last week but glad I made it.

Sunday – Long run day. Went on a great route organised by a friend through the countryside. I did struggle up the hills, I think, due to lack of stretching after yesterday’s Parkrun. All in all though it went well and magaged 8.01 miles in 1.29.21.  

Week 3 – Totals

Runs – 4

Miles – 19.87

Time – 3.35.09

Fundraising Update

I’ve again began speaking to local businesses to see if they can donate raffle prizes. I’ve so far had a great response with a number donating. Once I’ve heard back from a few more places and launch the raffle I’ll put a blog post together.

Fundraising total week 3 – £1150.14



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