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Training: Week 4 and 5

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The past few weeks have been a busy few, now we’re in the ‘proper training mode’ weeks where I’m upping the mileage.

Going back to week 4, this week was a slower week where my long run involved dropping the miles down. Even though I’ve not yet gone up too far I thought it was important to stick to this rule so that I can begin to on future Sunday long runs.

I’ve also ordered a new pair of running trainers which, when they arrive, I’m going to start using on my shorter runs to wear in.

Week 4

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Running Club and the start of intervals. Though not as many miles covered I really enjoyed the fast run, stop, fast run stop, approximately six times. A fast 3.39 miles in 35 minutes 55 seconds.

Wednesday – Pilates. I always look forward to a Wednesday stretch. I’ve really been getting into it and after most runs I use the stretches as part of my cool down.

Thursday – Running club – on Thursdays we join another club and do a typical run and  managed 5.04 miles in 56 minutes 43 seconds.

Friday – rest

Saturday – Market Harborough Parkrun. My plan this week suggested a Pakrun in 35 minutes, though faster than intended another Pakrun on the books in 31 minutes 31 seconds.

Sunday – My plan said 7 this week but instead I decided to take part in the Brass Monkey 10k at Rockingham Speedway in aid of Lakelands Hospice. The course involved 4 laps around the track. It was a freezing cold morning (even colder in the track) but I soon warmed up. It was great to see some friends and other club members cheering me on as I went past each time, this definitely kept me going to the end. I successfully completed the course (running instead of a run/walk as my last 10k) with an official time of 1 hour 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Week 5

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Running club run tonight with some interval training. 5 miles at normal/jogging pace and 2-minutes sprint. My muscles felt a little tight so overall it was a slow one for me but managed a 5.83 miles in total. Bearing in mind the weekend I was pretty impressed with this!

Wednesday – Pilates.

Thursday – I had friends coming over this evening so instead of sticking to my plan of a 5-mile run I went to the gym. I’m not a fan of running on the treadmill/at the gym as I find it quite sticky so I opted for a a little over 1 mile treadmill run (12.10/pace), a 4-mile spin cycle (I forgot to record it but think it was around 20 minutes), then another just over 1-mile run to finish off (12/pace).

Friday – rest

Saturday – Market Harborough Parkrun – I ran there and back so brought my mileage up to 4.19. My Parkrun time was 31.41.

Sunday – Long run day this week and I made it my aim to hit the 10-mile mark. I’ve previously done a half marathon however this was a run/walk so my full aim was to complete 10-miles without the walk. I set off quite quick, much to my watch’s disgust (!), and then managed to slow it down so that each mile was between 11 and 11.30. I ran through the village Great Bowden, and down most side streets to make up the miles, then down to Welland Park to which I ran the Parkrun route a few times. It seemed like a nice day though I did hit a spot of rain, running into the wind wasn’t much fun either! Even though I felt like I wanted to I managed the full 10 miles which was finished off gulping a Lucozade Sport!

Week 5, Total

Miles – 22.14

Time – 4 hours, 4 miles, 41 seconds 


Current total – £1387.35

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