March 2016

Training: Week 8 and 9

Week 8

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Running club this evening and I took part in a watch-less 4 mile run. I predicted by time would be 44 minutes based on the 11 minute miles I’ve been working towards. The route felt fairly tough, whether that was setting off too fast or the hill towards the end, I’m not sure. Anyway I surprised myself by completing the route 1 minute 20 quicker than I’d predicted in approx 42.40. Felt good after!

Wednesday – rest .. sort of! Pilates started again this evening, however I gave it a miss because, as part of the fundraising, Brake invited its volunteers and other charity supporters to its annual reception at the Houses of Parliament ( It was a fab night which I attended with my boyfriend and members of the Libfest committee. Parliament was amazing and it was so lovely to hear the stories of others affected by road crashes and the work that they’ve done in their loved one’s honour. (Photo below courtesy of Brake’s Facebook page!).

Thursday – Another sneaky rest day – the week’s been so busy I opted for pizza and sleep! The first time I’ve ever really missed a day throughout the whole training schedule so I think it was deserved (or that’s what I’m telling myself!)

Friday – rest – it was a very special evening as the Libfest committee put on a ‘purple tie’ ball at Eynsham Hall. It was a lovely night (a very late one) with lots of drinks and dancing. Over £3,000 was raised on the night too!

Saturday – rest – and a slight weary head from the night before!

Sunday – Long-run Sunday – After a lazy week of running it was extremely hard to get motivated so I took my time before heading out. Again, armed with Lucozade and Jelly Babies I went out around East Farndon, Lubenham and Market Harborough (including the canal). Sadly, it was probably one of the worst runs I’ve been on and I didn’t enjoy any of it and struggled to get into a consistent rhythm. Usually if I find a run particularly tough I plough on, finish and look back and think “that wasn’t so bad after all”. Sadly not this time! Once I was home I felt quite unmotivated but figured it’s been one bad run out of the many that I’ve so far completed and to come this far is such an achievement in itself. In total, 14 miles in 2 hours 47.

Week 8 – Total:

Miles – 18.11

Time – 3.30.08


Week 9

Monday – rest and needed!

Tuesday – out with running club again, this time a slow jog, fast mile then a three mile run (there was another fast mile but my legs didn’t want to move!). Surprised myself again with my fast mile in 8.39. In total, with everything added up I covered 6 miles.

Wednesday – Pilates – as it’s been a few weeks it was well due and I felt fab after!

Thursday – out with running club – pleased with 5.50 miles in 57.30.

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest. There was a running event in Naseby and even though I didn’t take part, held a tombola which in total raised £65.05 for the charity, which then put me at 75% towards my target.

Sunday – I’ve been finding the long runs really tough for a number of reasons. Firstly, being on my own. It’s hard to keep motivated for such a long period of time, let alone keeping moving. The second reason, is routes. I’ve been using map-0-meter to map out a route though it doesn’t ever go that was and I always seem to take a different turn/forget the route so doing the same bit twice. This week, to help with these two areas I decided two and a bit laps of Pitsford Reservoir and my Dad joined me on his bike and went around a number of times. The first lap felt tough though I got through it and felt a great sense of achievement as it’s the first time I’ve ever run all the way around. The second lap felt much easier – I think I’d gotten used to the ground by then and had an idea of the route and where it took me. At mile 11, I felt the struggle and walked it off for a couple of minutes. I was doing amazing for time at this point and felt motivated to reach the half marathon point. I reached the half marathon stage at around 2.23 which gave me a new PB, let’s hope I can keep it up at Silverstone next week! Dad caught up with me at mile 14 and I carried on reaching my target of 16 miles in 2.57.29 (11.05 pace). I felt great afterwards and had a lovely roast beef dinner waiting for me once I’d gotten home!

On another note, this week I tried Glucose tablets which I seem to be ok with. I brought a gel with me but wimped out of taking it! I’ve just read a piece on Runners World which suggests trying them on a short run so I think I’ll try one for next week’s Parkrun where I’m not too far from home!

Week 9 – Total:

Miles – 27.57

Time – 4.56.41



My fundraising is still going great and my current total is £2280.67 which I’m so proud of. I’m still going away at it and have the following lined up in progress:

  • Raffle – please see my previous blog post for details on how to enter and prizes
  • Pub Quiz – This Tuesday 8th March I’m holding a pub quiz at The Black Horse Pub in Foxton. There’s curry served from 6pm and the quiz begins at 8pm. Please share and come along!

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