March 2016

Training: Week 10 & 11

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5 WEEKS TO GO, 5 WEEKS TO GO, 5 WEEKS TO GO … I keep telling myself! Time is flying, the nerves are really starting to kick in and training is starting to take its toll, in both a good way and a not so good way.

Week 10

Monday – rest

Tuesday – rest/charity evening. I held a charity quiz night at The Black Horse pub in Foxton. The quiz-master attended the evening for free and the night was a huge success with friends and family attending. In total and including the sale of raffle tickets we came away with a brilliant £165 for Brake!

Wednesday – Pilates

Thursday – out with running club for a steady 4.92 miles in 52.18.

Friday – rest/charity evening. I held another charity evening, this time an Easter card making evening at my house. We invited 10 friends over and changed £10 and provided prosecco, nibble and everything for making the cards. It was a lovely evening and in total £111.40 was made for Brake.

Saturday – rest. I debated doing the Parkrun up until about 7.45 when I decided against it in the hope to save myself for Sunday.

Sunday – Silverstone half marathon! What a great day! We arrived in really good time, the day was rather gloomy with a level of mist everywhere you looked so much so that I don’t think you could see the track from the race area. My auntie, uncle and friends (a team of 5 in total) were running so we all met up and headed to the start line. Based on my last half-marathon performance I had in my head to stick with the 2.29 pacer for most of the way and then go ahead closer to the finish line! The plan went right out of the window when we started the race well ahead close to the 2.14 pacer. With the change of plan I then stuck with them for the first 4 miles, where I took a quick toilet stop. Once relieved I carried on deciding I was at a happy pace where I was. By this time it was a really warm day and the heat stayed within the race track and there was no where to hide with the lack of shaded areas. There were a number of Lucozade stops on route and even though I’ve been training using it the heat completely put me off and I kept with water and a few jelly babies. Anyway, just before mile 10 I was concerned the heat was getting to me so went down to a speedy walk to cool off. Just before the spectator spot one of our teammates Jo ran past which motivated me to start back up running again through to the finish line. We all met up at the end and had some pictures taken with our medals.

My official time was a great 2.23.05, which meant I knocked a total of 12 minutes off my official half-marathon time! We ended the brilliant day with a beef roast dinner and a glass of wine just what was needed!




Week 10 – Totals

Miles: 18.02

Time: 3.15.24

Week 11

Monday – rest

Tuesday – running club, as I was recovering from Sunday I opted out of intervals and into a steady run. To keep it steady I completed 4.4 miles in 46.47.

Wednesday – Pilates

Thursday – Thighs have been pretty tight this week and Pilates didn’t seem to help them as such. A very very steady 4.82 miles with running club and they were feeling ok.

After my run I baked some chocolate egg brownie cookies to take into work to sell. The recipe was really easy and the brownies tasted great! The recipe is from the Asda website if you’d like to take a look –

Friday – rest
Saturday – gym session. My legs, particularly my thighs, have been aching this week so instead of the Parkrun I opted for a slow jog to the gym, 30 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the cross trainer then a slow jog home. I felt pretty good afterwards and my thighs stopped aching!

Sunday – Long-run day and I again decided to go to Pitsford reservoir. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my day and I really struggled to get my head and body into gear. After nearly stopping after one lap I decided to slog through and do another lap. At the 7 mile mark I embarked upon something new and tried my first energy gel! It seemed to settle ok even though I ended up with a huge stitch when stopping to have it. I, in what seemed like forever, eventually made it round to complete the 2nd lap and in total 13.30 miles. Really disappointed and now really need to up my game for the final countdown.

Week 11 – Totals

Miles: 22.52

Time: 4.23.08


The fundraising is still going brilliantly and I now really don’t have very far to go before reaching my target.

My Just Giving page currently stands at £2,705! I can’t thank everybody enough for the amazing support!

On another fab note, local sportswear company Actif Wear have said they’d print my Tshirt for free – great news, thanks guys!

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