April 2016

Training: Week 12 & 13

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Week 12

Monday – rest.

Tuesday – 3.5 miles. With the evenings are getting lighter I had a few things to do later on in the evening so went for a quick 35 minute run straight after work. Really enjoyed it and felt good, included a hill which could have been a lot worse.

Wednesday – Pilates and the last class of this block. A good session and I’m starting to feel that I’m getting the breathing element now.

Thursday – rest. I opted for a carb fest dinner at a local Italian instead! My running number did arrive – 51634 and made me feel quite guilty for not going out.

Friday – gym, 30 minutes on the bike and 15 on the cross trainer to make up for the evening before mishap.

Saturday – 20 miles. I got up, had my breakfast bagel and headed to Rutland Water mid-morning to complete what would probably be my most challenging training run – not only because of the mileage but I’d chosen the worst day of the weekend and storm Katie was here! As I was on my own rather than go all the way around the reservoir I went out and back a couple of times finishing off by running back along the dam. The second time running along the dam (approx 16 miles) towards the church we were right at the heart of the storm and at one point it was so windy that my eyelashes felt really vulnerable and I had to check they were in tact! A very slow run but I covered the distance which overall is the main thing at this stage.

Sunday – rest, I enjoyed Easter Sunday by tucking into a guilt-free Easter egg! I’m glad I opted for the long run on Saturday as it was nice to have a normal Sunday for once.

Such a positive week, it was a great feeling to have completed 20 miles something I never expected to achieve. Bring on the taper!

Week 13 

Monday – rest

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – running club and 5.5 miles. My pace was really good and I overall felt great. I’m not sure if it was because of the few days break or the lighter weather!

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest, I held a car boot sale at Holcot in Northamptonshire to help reach my target. That and we have had so much donated I thought we’d see how we did. It was a very early morning – 6am start for a Saturday – but we did really well and raised a total of £58 in total which took my nicely over my minimum sponsorship goal.

Sunday – I woke up with a splitting headache so had my bagel and went back to bed. I’m not sure if this was the best option as I fell back asleep which is really unlike me. At around 1pm I dragged myself outside for my run where I opted for the canal. At just 1.5 miles I was really struggling with aches so took a minute for a quick stretch before continuing. I still wasn’t feeling great so ran to 4 miles where I came to a spot which I could loop back home. By the time I’d got home I’d covered 6.5 miles which wasn’t bad considering I felt awful. I stretched, had a glass of water, a hot bath and opted for an early night (after a pub roast dinner!). Hopefully it’s just a one-off and I’ll be back on track next week.

A slow week this week, which I wasn’t too proud of but at least I’m in the tapering stage of training and can relax a little. It’s important to now make sure I’m feeling good and eating well which is my focus for the next few weeks leading up until the big day. I’m all dosed up on multi vitamins, echinacea and metatone tonic to keep me well for the final push.


Very pleased to have met my fundraising target of £3,000!

Thank you to every single person  who has supported me by sponsoring me, buying raffle tickets, buying (and eating) cake, donating unwanted items, attending my events and everything else that you’ve done. It’s all very much appreciated. Here’s to running 26.2 miles in three weeks time!

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