April 2016

Training: Week 14 and 15

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A very brief overview of the past few weeks, I’m hoping for a longer post ahead of the marathon!!

Week 14 

Monday – rest.

Tuesday – lovely evening and a run with running club in the countryside with a huge hill which knocked me! Kept a pretty good pace, under 10 minute miles for 5.9 miles so I’m really pleased with progress.

Wednesday – rest.

Thursday – a little achy from Tuesday’s session I went out again with the club and did a 5 mile run with another fab pace or 9.33 a mile!

Friday – rest.

Saturday – Market Harborough Parkrun. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to go so it was great to get up and go! Really pleased to have smashed my PB and completed the course in 29.38. It just shows how much I’ve improved over the past few months.

Sunday – the weeks speedy progress got to me today. I went out with a few friends on a lovely country route and was very close to going home at 4 miles. I didn’t make it running up the hills but stuck to it and by the time I’d gotten home had covered 9.5 miles so I can’t grumble at that.

Week 15

Monday -rest

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – Pilates. Finally back after a few weeks off and a very well needed session. My legs felt very very heavy so I really felt it!

Thursday – running club and just over 5 miles which I was really pleased with. My legs felt heavy and didn’t want to cooperate properly but I plodded on and was happy with how I’d done.

Friday – rest.

Saturday – Market Harborough Parkrun, much slower than last week which is what I wanted at 31.02.  A jog there and back brought me up to just over 4 miles.

Sunday – as my legs have been aching I went back to the gym approach so that I didn’t feel too guilt by doing nothing. I took a jog there and back, ran a marathon pace mile on the treadmill and did 30 minutes on the bike. My legs felt fine after I just don’t want to push myself and cause an injury at this stage.

Now for a week of rest and pasta before the big day!

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