April 2016

Training: Week 16

Just a short post rounding up my final week of the training programme. I’m going to dedicate a post to the London Marathon itself and I’m working on this at the moment. For now ..

Monday – rest.

Tuesday – 3 miles in 29.49. A little quick considering it’s supposed to be a very restful week!

Wednesday – A visit to the London Marathon Expo to collect my running number ahead of the weekend. It was a great event with loads to do. We collected our numbers and tags, shopped for a hoody, looked around, tried various nutrition bars and listened to talks. One which stood out was by Martin Yelling and focused on having a positive mind on raceday. Really great speech and the words – suffering takes place every day, you’re just going for a run really stuck with me and is what I took out of the day. Lots of walking around so I’m really glad that we went when we did rather than on the Saturday before the marathon, plus there were no queues at all!

Thursday – final training run of the programme, which is unbelievable! Another 3 miles this time a little slower in 31 mins 9 seconds.

Friday – rest.

Saturday – rest. I headed to London by train mid-afternoon, went for a short walk then spent the evening eating pasta and watching Britain’s Got Talent. I had an early night so to save my energy for Sunday!

To donate: https://www.justgiving.com/Abby-Davies-VLM16


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