January 2017

Apple Purée

As well as cutting out the sugar I don’t eat dairy due to a lactose intolerance so I’ve come to love Deliciously Ella’s recipe book as it’s free from everything! When I first set off to buy all of my ingredients I used Ella’s kitchen essentials to stock up. As well as shop bought products Ella also makes a few herself so one of the first things I attempted was the Apple Purée. 

It’s extremely easy to make but you need to have patience! The recipe suggests basing it on 20 red apples to make a large jar but I got pretty fed up of apple peeling after about 8 so halfed the ingredients instead. I also added cinnamon to mine as I absolutely love its flavour.

Shopping List

  • Red Apples – I bought Royal Gala as they were cheapest per bag – Aldi – £1.09 per bag of 6

Hopefully we’ll see it crop up in future home bakes!

It’s been 6 days since cutting down the sugar and surprisingly I’ve felt pretty good and not experienced too many awful side effects. The only thing I’ve really felt is more hungry, has anyone else experienced this too? It might be that my blood sugar is low and a banana seems to sort it out pretty quickly.

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