January 2017

Homemade Pesto

I’ve always heard that pesto is fairly easy to make but haven’t tried it. Deliciously Ella’s version (https://deliciouslyella.com/brazil-nut-and-rocket-arugula-pesto/) with Brazil Nuts and Rocket seemed the perfect place to start as my current favourite recipe book!

Before starting and reading the instructions I was a little concerned that my very cheap blender wouldn’t make it through 😬. Luckily, and I sighed with relief, it did (!). I did have to keep clearing the blades from the mashed up pine nuts which probably made it take a little longer than it would with a ‘posh’ processor. 

Another problem that I needed to overcome was with avocados 🥑. I haven’t yet got used to their slightly mushy texture – for some reason I always expect them to smell even though they don’t ?!? – but I scooped so quickly I barely gave it a second thought. 

Anyway this was another super easy recipe. I just made the main pesto base so that I had it ready for a quick post-run meal with pasta and it was spot on and tasted amazing! I had mine with brown pasta and prawns.

Shopping List

  • Brazil nuts – Aldi – £1.29
  • Pine nuts – Sainsbury’s – £2.80
  • Avocados (missing from the picture) – Aldi – £1.65 for 4
  • Rocket – Aldi – £0.69
  • Basil – Aldi – £0.69
  • Lemons 
  • Olive Oil – Lidl 

Very approximate total cost per portion (ingredients only) – £1.95

Reflecting on my first no added sugar month – it hasn’t been half as bad as I anticipated. There’s been one or two minor slip-ups (mostly when I’ve sought post-alcohol comfort) but all in all I’ve made it with the added bonus of losing some weight along the way.

PS. A very green picture of a tub of pesto:

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