August 2017

Run Report: Corby Parkrun

I live a short 20 minute drive from Corby however on a Saturday morning my bed calls and that extra 20 minutes means so much … I mean, I can crawl out of bed at 8.30 and still make my local Parkrun! However, it was a special occasion for Corby who were celebrating their 200th Parkrun, looking for 200 runners to take part, so I decided head over to join in the celebrations.

To give myself some extra time encase I ended up lost I arrived shortly after 8.30am where a marshal was directing people to parking – so helpful for my first time visiting. The starting area was buzzing with excitement so I made the short walk up the path where music was playing through speakers and crowds gathered. With a warm-up held by a local gym  the Parkrun felt more like a large-scale event. I gathered for the first-timers briefing then headed to the start-line. My favourite moment of the Parkrun during the announcements was the regulars shouting in sync NO EXCEPTIONS after the no barcode, no time reminder. This really enhanced the community vibe of the event.

The course was two-and-a-half laps, downhill along a path, on to a grassy football field and uphill through a woodland area on to another grassy field then back on the downhill decent on a path.

Surprisingly, as I was told/expecting to be two-minutes slower than my usual Parkrun, however my finishing time was 28:35 – only 10 seconds slower than Market Harborough the week before.

Afterwards everyone was invited to eat cake in the sports centre – there was SO much of it. I opted for some really tasty vegan chocolate torte which I’m desperate to find the recipe for.

The Parkrun exceeded the 200 and overall 374 people finished the course. A fantastic team put it together and coped so well with the significant amount of people taking part. As always with Parkrun a huge thank you to all the volunteers and the cake bakers!

All in all it was a brilliant event with a varied course, one that I’ll definitely get up earlier for in the future!

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