August 2017

Run Report: Worsley Woods Parkrun

On a visit to see family in Manchester I thought I’d make the most of my time and visit a local Parkrun. Edged between Worsley Woods and Stretford after checking out the courses online I opted for Worsley Woods which seemed a more varied course.

I arrived so so early, at 8.30, so early that I couldn’t see anyone around! Once I got out of my car and started making my way to the woodland I noticed a marshal who looked like she was appointed on ‘car parking’ to direct people. I followed a runner, who looked to be jogging to the start and then lost them. Utoh. I thought it’s early but it won’t be difficult to find the start line. How wrong I was! As the clocked ticked over 8.45 and worried I had missed the first-timers briefing I started running – in what felt like circles. Spotting someone in running gear I asked them where the start line was to find that it was their first time too! Anyway then seeing some more runners take an off-piste cut-through to the woods I found my way to the start line where the Parkrunners and volunteers were eagerly lining up. The first-timers briefing was a little behind – phew – so I joined in to find out more about the course and that this course gave the volunteer their current PB!

With the event information out of the way Parkrun started with an approx. mile stretch on a concreted path. With a short dark tunnel section under the M60 the run took us on a left-turn up some muddy steps through the woodland. Dodging tree routes, the course carried on through the woodland with some more steps, many muddy patches of ground and then finally down some more steps (whilst trying not to fall flat on my face to the bottom) with a flat mile-and-a-but-more down the same concrete stretch to the finish line. True to the first-timers briefing volunteer’s word, the course was a PB route and I made a new record of 27.11.

Being the first out-and-back Parkrun route I’ve tried I really enjoyed the change of scenery through woodland rather than pacing laps of a park – though I have since been back to my local Parkrun consisting of three-laps. If you’re ever in the area this is definitely a Parkrun to try, there wasn’t much the course didn’t have!

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