December 2017

Run Report: Kettering Parkrun

With Etsy Northants Christmas shopping day starting at 10 I thought no less of tying it in with my first trip to Kettering Parkrun. Heading out of the house early I headed to Wicksteed Park – a local attraction! Not being from the area I was unsure where I was going so followed the road round to find a carpark with a few hi-viz’s in sight. I parked up headed to the bathrooms and tried my absolute hardest to keep myself warm! I quite enjoy winter running but sill can’t get over how cold it starts out!

Anyway I hung around moving my legs, had a catch up with some friends who usually do Market Harborough Parkrun and then it was time to line up. Following the lead and advice of my local parkrunners I started in a place I would usually consider as ‘close to the front’.

Parkrun started with a downhill … we headed off the path on to a track where the course got narrower – this is why we started close to the front (!). A little mud but not enough that it was impossible to run. Heading towards the lake we moved on to a boardwalk, towards a bridge then headed back on to pavement. Leading back towards the start line was an uphill – fine the first time! Over some grass then uphill to undertake the loop once again.

The hill the second time was awful! My legs cold needed to keep moving but just didn’t want to. Nonetheless, I carried on – telling myself I will be on a flat bit then downhill soon..

The last ‘half-lap’ was great with the finish being totally downhill, meaning there was room to speed up. I attempted a sprint finish and crossed the finish line in 27.51 (my determination to keep under 28 kept my legs in the air at the last minute) in position 109 out of 277.

I went to get myself scanned and there was a whole table of sweets waiting at the end to greet runners. This definitely made it worthwhile – maybe if I knew this I would have come in under 27 … maybe next time?

Overall a great route with a variety of different scenery to keep runners occupied.

Favourite things – a speaker so we could all head what was going on and the pre-run ‘rules’, the collection that looked as though it was held weekly for a local food bank, a baggage drop AND sweets at the finish!

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