May 2018

Race Ready Run with Fitbit

I was invited to attend Fitbit’s first ‘Race, Ready, Run’ event, which took place last week. We met at a hotel in central London, close to Tower Bridge, where we were handed our Fitbit t-shirts and Fitbit adidas Ionic, which would be used during the run.


It was quick to set up (having had two Fitbit’s in the past) though there were people on hand to help out with this part. I got changed and then we headed into a different room to learn more about the watch. The Marketing Director, Lucy, told us some details about Fitbit and the partnership with adidas to upload specific training programmes for runners onto the watch and how we were going to test one of them out on the evening’s run.

Next, we were handed over to Fitbit Ambassador, Greg Whyte ( who told us about his experience of training celebrities including David Walliams, Eddie Izzard and Davina McCall for their Sports Relief challenges and taking part in the Olympic Pentathlon. Some of the audience asked questions about fuelling for runs, training for long-distances amongst others.


We were ready to set out on our run which would take us across Tower Bridge. Not living in the area, this was a treat! We carried on off the bridge and until we reached Potters Fields Park. With the perfect view of Tower Bridge we stopped for a workout using the adidas feature on the Ionic with Greg leading the way. We gathered around and all pressed ‘start’ on the watch at the same time. The ‘Power Pace’ 10 minutes was the workout of choice.


As well as seeing a list of what each set entails, the Fitbit adidas Ionic shows you a video of how to do do each exercise in the rest section. A great idea for when you’re working out alone. Along with a countdown for each exercise and rest, the Ionic also lightly vibrates when telling you to move on – great for when you’re planking and can’t easily see your watch.

Now I don’t know to much about heart rate training but I think mine must be sky-high during exercise (I thought I was fit?!?). Greg asked us to check as it should be around 140, mine on the other hand was already at 145!

We had a few pictures taken with the lovely view and then made our way through out towards Millennium Bridge. It was fairly awkward, given that people were pouring out of the pubs on a warm spring evening so a little bit of dodging was required. At Millennium Bridge we stopped for a few photos and video takes before making our way across the bridge and back towards the Tower of London area.

*Photo by Fitbit

It was a great evening to meet other people, bloggers etc and try out a new watch for the first time – being based in the Midlands it’s fairly rare that I can attend these things. The route was enjoyable with some sights along the way and I was able to keep up with the pace (slightly nervous beforehand that this would be an issue but it was fairly leisurely and we all stayed together). A full watch review is on it’s way now I’ve had the chance to work out all it’s gadgets on my own!


Thanks to Fitbit for a great evening!


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