June 2018

Product Review: Fitbit Ionic adidas edition

As you may have seen in my last post, I was invited by Fitbit to test out their new watch and to learn more about their partnership with adidas for the Ionic. You can read more about the event here. At the event, I was gifted a shiny new Fibit, I mentioned it’s main features in my previous post but now I’ve been wearing it daily for a few weeks, I thought I’d delve in a little deeper.

I’ve been a fan of Fitbit’s for a while now, starting out with the Fitbit Charge HR in November 2016. I learnt the hard way with the Charge HR and in the following April was forced to upgrade after taking it for a swim! I upgraded to the Fitbit Charge 2, the same day as the swimming incident, I guess you could say I am a little obsessed.

My favourite things about Fitbit are the tracking steps and sleep features which I believe are on most of their models. I can’t remember being able to change the strap on the Charge HR but I liked the Charge 2 in being able to do so. Even though I’d chosen plum after about five months of wearing (it started in the heat) the strap seemed to come apart. For the sake of buying a new strap I chose a lighter purple and purchased one off Amazon instead of putting in a complaint.

The main differences of upgrading from the Charge HR to the Charge 2 was the exercise settings. With a multi-sport feature you could choose your exercise for a more accurate reading, calorie count etc. In addition the guided breathing sessions. For someone who has struggled with regular panic attacks, there’s nothing easier than using your watch to control breathing, and the best thing – no one can tell your doing it!

You can earn badges, undertake challenges like the NYC Marathon based on how many steps you do, explore new areas such as Yosemite, again on how many steps you take and hold challenges with friends to see who can do the most steps in a weekday/weekend. When logging on to the dashboard you get all sorts of fun stats, for example my lifetime miles with my Fitbit currently stands at 2,697 and 5,570,258 steps. 

So there you go, I am a huge lover of the Fitbit! With all good things though there are a few negatives. Fitbit Charge and Charge 2 do not have a GPS setting so while you can record (and auto-record) that you’re on a run based on heart rate, you’re map won’t show up (we all know it doesn’t count until it’s on Strava don’t we?) UNLESS you have your phone on and connect your phone to GPS. Because I love a map I’d end up either carrying my phone in my hand or wearing my Fitbit on my left-hand and Garmin Forerunner on my right.


My screen on my Charge 2 recently suffered a crack, due to the hot temperatures. This has also happened to some family and friends Fitbit’s so I made a complaint. Customer services were super helpful and responded on a Saturday evening, within a week a new ‘pebble’ landed on my doorstep.

The Ionic is categorised by Fitbit as a watch as opposed to a tracker which makes sense given it’s size and various features. It’s like a mini-Apple watch, playing music with wireless headphones, check the weather, pay using the watch and check out Strava among other things.

The main watch features, which differs from the normal Ionic is the adidas train feature which has plenty of led workouts specifically focusing on running. Each workout lasts between five and 15 minutes and as well as displaying a list of each activity, the watch vibrates at the start and end of each exercise. During the ‘rest’ stages a video plays showing you how to do each exercise, I’ve used this feature a few times now and love having a structured cool down to follow (this is the part I’m usually pretty rubbish at). I haven’t had the chance to try out the Fitbit Coach feature yet but I hope to soon!


Overall, the Fitbit Ionic adidas edition is great – I love all of the new features and look forward to seeing what comes soon. The best thing is I now only have to go out with one watch and can leave my phone at home!

Check out my Fitbit profile: www.fitbit.com/user/53G22S

*Please note that there was no responsibility for me to write a product review on the Fitbit adidas Ionic. I’ve written this post simply because I like the product and have enjoyed using it.

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