June 2018

Holiday running essentials

I recently holidayed to Lanzarote with hand-luggage only (don’t even ask how) and with holiday season on its way I wanted to share my essential kit list that I brought with me.


  1. Running shoes – 1 pair – obviously the most important however can be used for other activities such as walking or, if your holiday is super-active, the gym.
  2. Running socks – 1 pair – again can be used for other activities as above, can be re-worn if your feet don’t smell too bad!
  3. Vest – x1 – I took one running vest with my on holiday, it was light and small so really easy to pack, and I thought a vest would be best with the holiday sun.
  4. Shorts – x1 – again I took one pair of shorts with me, though as my previous posts suggest you may want to use them for other things that you’re doing on your summer vacation.
  5. Sporsbra – x1 – for us ladies, you may even forget the vest/t-shirt and just wear your sportsbra.
  6. Fitness watch/tracker – just remember to take it off/out of your bag before you through the scanners at the airport (I’ve been caught out before!). We all know if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t really happen.
  7. Sunglasses – to stop you from squinting, and another item that doesn’t just come in handy for running.
  8. Sunscreen – we wouldn’t want to get burnt.
  9. Water Bottle – to quench your thirst.

In addition, a hat or visor is also useful.


Now, you might have noticed, and be a little grossed out about the lack of clothing I’d taken with me, especially for those hot, humid, sweaty  daily runs that I went on. I don’t think its that much of a secret, but the key to keeping my kit clean and smelling fresh is a squirt of Dr. Beckmann Travel Wash. This stuff changed my life this holiday (drama queen, I know) and meant that once I was back from my run, I could give my running clothes a wash in the sink, leave them on the balcony and they’d be dry for the next day’s run. I really wasn’t expecting it to work but for a minor £1.25 (https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/dr-beckmann-travel-wash-100ml/p/0351742) I had clean kit and didn’t need to take the kitchen sink with me. As well as being a great price and everything else, the 100ml bottle fitted perfectly into my hand luggage liquid allowance.


Try and get out in the morning’s when it’s cooler and run along the cost if you’re able to. I hope this shows you just how simple it can be to pack for a holiday run so you don’t always have to stop running just for a holiday. And once you’ve finished, make sure you reach for that cocktail and enjoy the tapas!

Do you have any holiday essentials that you like to take away with you?

NB: Rest days are equally as important as running days!!



1 thought on “Holiday running essentials”

  1. Great post – I particularly like how your running socks blend perfectly into the background on that photo!! I will check that washing stuff out, although our next holiday we can take the car so I shall take kit galore! x

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