August 2018

Run Report: Sale Water parkrun

Torn between Sale Water and Stretford (also Worsley Woods but I visited there last year) with my hotel being a 12 minute drive from both, I decided to head to Sale Water – winning due to the out and back nature rather than loops. I’ll be sure to visit Stretford on my next visit (I like that part of that route is on a track)!

As usual when visiting other parkruns, I arrived super early not knowing how close it really was, I managed to very easily find parking. I don’t think it would have been much of an issue whenever I arrived, being next to a carpark for the metro. I wandered around getting to know the area and taking in the coolness of the morning before others started to turn up.


Having suffered with a migraine all week and failing at most of the short runs I’d been on, I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to hack it. I was sensible and ran with water and decided if I needed to walk then I would.

First timers briefing and there were plenty of tourists, the furthest from Florida! We learnt about the course and that it was a little uneven underfoot and the best thing was to stick as far left where it’s slightly more even. This did nothing but put me on the edge with my track record of falling on flat paths, let alone uneven!


Straight into the run directors briefing and then we made the 400m or so walk to the start line. A quiet one, two, three, parkrun and we were off. For some reason I thought we’d be running clockwise but we actually ran anti-clockwise which really really confused me and took a couple of minutes to get my head around. I still don’t know why but I struggled to get my head around it.

After a few minutes, or maybe longer, we were running alongside the River Mersey – I was really enjoying the course though careful to watch where my feet landed. A few small inclines and we were back around Sale Water. About half a mile later I could see the turnaround point.

Turning around I was glad to be heading back – a mile and a half to go! Again I enjoyed the part along the River Mersey and was feeling good in myself for the first time in a while and considering it was warmer than it looked.

A few faster runners cheered us through once we’d finished. The finish funnel had some great signs that said things like ‘stay in order’ which helped the marshals out! I managed to get my barcode scanned really quickly and made my way up to the car park.


Finishing time – 28.37 and a happy me got back into my car having a large sip of water!


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