September 2018

Berlin Marathon: Breakfast Run

Up until arriving to Berlin I continued the debate of breakfast run / parkrun. I’ve been in a WhatsApp group with some others ”grammers” running Berlin and as it was my only likely chance to meet up with everyone, I opted for the breakfast run.

After an early night and small lie-in I grabbed a quick banana and bottle of water and made my way to the meeting point. Getting off the train, all the other runners were staying on so I triple-checked before heading outside where I met Shellie (@shellie0055), Lou (@newfoundrunner) and Mel (@little.runner.mel), shortly after Vicky (@vicky_runs_happy) and Ellie (@keeprunningellie) arrived and we collectively noticed we were at the wrong stop for the start. The Chris’s (@chris_x_runs / @robbo_running) turned up and rather than walk for half an hour, we all got back on to the tube-like system and made our way to the real start area where all the runners were getting off.

Off the train the atmosphere was buzzing, music, balloons and loads of people dressed up. The commentator announced 133 nations were taking part in the marathon weekend and the breakfast run – people were dressed in their nations colours and chatting to each other about where they came from etc.


We met with Cat (@citygirlcat) and Tommy (@barbertronruns), had a few photos and it was time to line up.


The route started a Charlottenburg Palace (the largest palace in Berlin) and made it’s way to the west of the city finishing up at the Olympic Stadium. It was slow and in certain places, especially at the start there was no choice other than to walk with the amount of people.


We kept crossing people in the group at various points but I managed to stick with Shellie for the whole run. Warm, the route was full of tree lined streets, which I really hoped the marathon would be on the next day – warm September any shade would be good! A pitstop  with a view of the Olympic Stadium for a few more photos we didn’t have much further to go.


The final part of the route surprised me more than anything – with very little information online about the breakfast run I really didn’t have any expectations – we entered the Olympic Stadium through the tunnel ready for a lap of the track. This was more of a walk of the track with plenty of photo opps on the way around.


Once we’d completed it, it was time to walk out of the stadium – with a view of the old Olympic Stadium on the way out and join in the scramble for breakfast.


Breakfast eaten, goodbyes said it was time to explore the city, rest and most importantly, carb-load.


Coming up: Marathon day

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