November 2018

Rutland NightRun 10k

I first found out about the Rutland NightRun on Facebook back in June. By the time I got around to signing up (I mean, it wasn’t for another five months), it had sold out. Gutted to say the least, I emailed the organisers and was put on a waiting list. A week or so later, the organisers announced they were adding another evening run as the event had been so popular. I singed up right away … in fact I ended up with race number six!

Fast-forward to November and the event was here! I’d been looking forward to it for a while as it was a new event and offered something different to just going for a run at a reservoir. 

I had no expectations for the run, if anything I just wanted to get around and expected a time of an hour and four minutes. 

We arrived in good time, parking was easy and marshalled, picked up our numbers and stayed inside the warmth until it was time to drop our bags. 

The lighting they’d put up for the event was amazing, you could see how much effort (and time to line six miles with lighting) had gone into the event by the organising team. Ooh and we were given glowsticks to carry with us for the run … though mine lasted about 10 minutes before I had to ask for another!

Briefing took place as we lined up, I was worryingly close to the front however due to the nature of the event there was a staggered start line and you could start anytime between 8 and 8.15. I liked this aspect and felt it encouraged a less-competitive run. 

We were off, a drizzly evening but a nice temperature for running in. The lights looked so pretty and it was quite amusing to see head-torches bob up and down along the route. Even though torches weren’t compulsory I definitely think one was needed as it felt dark in places.  

Surprisingly I achieved my second fasted 10k time in 59.18 – completely unexpected, a nice surprise and most importantly, I felt good the whole way around. 

As well as a super-sparkly medal, there were hot drinks and doughnuts served in the cafe to finish off!

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