January 2019

Hello 2019

Before heading into catching up on the usual posts and reviews I wanted to put together a New Year post outlining my goals for the year ahead.

My goals going into this year are a little different. I’m not looking for time goals, not going for any distances and not setting ‘how many races can I do’ targets.

2018 medal haul

Those who follow me on Instagram (www.instagram.com/running_abby) may have seen that I’ve recently bought a house that requires a ton of renovation work so this year, at least for the first part, is focused on creating our home. When we get into the good stuff it’s I’ll start to share some of the before/afters and how we ended up there on the blog, but for now the walls are bare and there’s a few more walls to go!

So for the next few months, running is on the sidelines with my first race of the year London Landmarks Half Marathon at the end of March. Based on this, I’ve set my goals:

  • to complete a full training plan for LLHM, yes, even the hill training
  • get some more parkrun tourism under my belt
  • reach the 100 parkrun milestone
  • run as much as I can, when I can (sorry colleagues runch hour is ON)
  • complete one autumn marathon for my 30th birthday
  • blog through the good, the bad and the ugly
  • finish and move into our house
  • smile through the hard times

I’ll be keeping my blog and Instagram updated throughout the year and can’t wait to share my 2019 with you all!

What are your goals for 2019?

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