January 2019

Chase the Moon Olympic Park – November 2018

Throwing it all back to November this Sunday evening. With life things taking over I barely had time to open my laptop let alone blog on the good side of Xmas. So now I’m playing catch-up and starting with the one the furthest away!

Tied in with a work exhibition ( Food Matters Live), I made the most of my spare time and booked to take part in Run Through’s Chase the Moon event at Olympic Park in November.

On, what I remember was, a pretty chilly November evening I made my way over to the Olympic Park with around an hour to spare, easily picked up my number and waited until the very last minute to take my coat off and drop my bag.

I was pretty set on doing the 10k, which consists of four laps of the park. Initially four laps seemed never-ending but I knew once I was into a flow I’d quite enjoy ticking them off and recognising milestones on the way around.

Warm-up done and we made our way to the start, getting in line based on our predicted finish time. Off we went and to be totally honest it wasn’t a particularly memorable course, bar the slight uphill as you headed back into the park from the road.

Happy to have finished in 58.29, I picked up my amazing medal (one of my favourites of the year), infamous flapjack, banana and water!

Run Through events are known to be the friendliest of events and it certainty didn’t let me down. The marshals were supportive, clapping and cheering on each lap. Hopefully once I get in to 2019 properly I’ll take an early train and head to one of their Saturday morning events!

Courtesy of RunThrough

Find out more about Run Through events on their website: https://www.runthrough.co.uk/

Courtesy of RunThrough

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