January 2019

Peterborough New Year’s Eve 10k

My December race and last of 2018 fell on New Year’s Eve and I was really looking forward to it, even though I’d been full of a cold. Anyway, enough of the self-pity, I headed over to Peterborough straight from home, found the venue and parking easily and met up with running club.

I picked up my number, and headed for the toilet queue before it got too late! I was feeling ok, knowing that I wouldn’t be particularly fast after the Christmas slump and a chesty cough. I was going to run with a friend from another local run club/parkrun though was a little worried that I might not be quick enough to keep up …

Off we went with the route starting out quite narrow it proved difficult to get around people for the first mile or so. Next the course took a turn onto a wobbly bridge. And a quarter of a mile or so later another wobbly bridge that this time REALLY made my tummy turn and I spent the rest of the race feeling a little green.

I stuck with Amanda for around two miles and I basically told her to leave me – I wasn’t going to keep up today and wanted to enjoy it rather than have my last running memory of 2018 as one of pain!

Relieved to know the end was near – though the course felt never ending at the time – I tried to make a little push (my splits show that I significantly slowed down for what I thought was a push!) for a tiny incline to the finish line.

Pleased to have finished I refuelled on chocolate. We received a really nice black technical t-shirt, a medal and a goody bag filled with snacks at the end and hung around for the results giving the final finisher a big cheer as they crossed the finish line. Time – 1.01.15.

Overall I loved this event – the marshalling was amazing, everything ran really smoothly and it generally felt so well organised. I have my eye on other Sublime events in the future.

It wasn’t a PB but still a great way to end the year AND it meant a guilt-free evening of food and plenty of drinks at the local pub.


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