January 2019

Shoe Review: Brooks Glycerin 16

My local Runners Need store in Leicester held another of their events that I could actually make it to! This time a Brooks rep was coming along for the evening to show us some new running shoe releases and sports bras.

Based on my current shoe being Brooks Ghost 11, Ross from Brooks suggested I go with the Glycerin 16, a neutral shoe. The other pair was the Adrenaline GTS 19 which I really liked the look of but they are for a different sort of foot .. stride – whatever the correct terminology is, you get what I’m saying.

We headed out for a 6k run around the park in our test shoes (I didn’t try on a bra, I’m a loyal Shock Absorber wearer). A chatty run meant I hit my target of an easy 35 minutes for the training plan and we were back in the store for a few stretches and questions about the running shoe.

In general, I loved the shoe. It was nicely cushioned and the shoes felt nice and bouncy! I loved the colour and the laces were really thick and didn’t unlace. The run went well in the shoes – we were on road for the whole run and they felt good. They did feel a little narrow especially towards the toes and not as spacious as the Ghost. After a while/high mileage I think my toe would start to rub which is never a good idea for the toenails!

Verdict – I really liked the shoe but due to the room issue I’ll be sticking with the Ghost for the time being.


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