February 2019

Book of the Month: January

I made it my 2018 aim to get back into regular reading and set myself an aim of one book per month. I hit the target, reading 16 overall, though I was fairly inconsistent reading loads at the start of the year and during the summer but not so much the rest of the year. You can read by top books of 2018 in a previous post by clicking here.

I only read the one book in January – and I actually started it towards the beginning of December. Christmas parties, late nights and the rest meant I got out of touch with reading.

The Girls by Emma Cline

The Girls was published in 2016 and the debut novel of Emma Cline. The story is based on Evie, a 14-year old girl growing up in California. With her parents divorced and her mum sending her to boarding school in the Fall, Evie was left feeling lost and lonely until in the distance, she sees The Girls. Mesmerized by Suzanne, Evie becomes drawn into the cult that Suzanne belongs to. With it’s infamous leader it becomes a thrill for Evie to be a part of this new circle and when she isn’t there, longs to be there. Becoming more and more engrossed into the life of The Girls, is Evie being led to a path of violence?

To be honest, I found the first 50 pages or so quite long-winded and wordy and was keen for the story to just get on. Considering I’d heard such raving reviews I was a little concered that there was something I wasn’t getting! Perseverance is the way to go with this one and by mid-way through and I was thoroughly engrossed in the book and knowing what would happen to Evie. 

At times it was uncomfortable reading, especially the part with Sasha, her boyfriend and his friend. I did just want to scream at Evie to get a grip and say something. The ending I predicted, there was a big build up which led to nothing. This didn’t ruin it for me, though it was almost and ending for the sake of an ending, the actual story fascinated me and the in-between bits about Evie in the present were a little dull (I get the representation of how the author is portraying the long-lasting impact on Evie) . 

Apparently it is loosely based on the Charles Manson cult/murders in the late sixties, so if you are aware of this particular case then this book may not be for you. I had no idea about Charles Manson so to me this book was a complete eye-opener. I have since read about Manson and can see/understand how linked they are.   

Overall I really enjoyed The Girls, maybe not the easiest read to begin with but it left me with a mixture of emotions at the end. 

Rating 5/5

Current read: Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

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Have you read The Girls? Comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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