February 2019

Hove Promenade parkrun

Will be posting a genera update very soon but in the meantime I visited Brighton – to visit my brother and see Bastille – a few weeks ago and took the opportunity to do Hove Promenade parkrun while I was there.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE running and just generally being by the seaside so to find out he was only half a mile downhill from the start of Hove prom. With so many cancellations, across the country, due to ice an bad weather I refreshed the Facebook over and over and over again to make sure it was on!

After seeing the go ahead I headed down, realising it was closer than I thought so I enjoyed the sea air for a little while before they called for the first timers’ briefing. There we found that it was a two-lap course heading out west before looping back towards the 360-building-tower and then to the start for lap two. Refreshing to see that in a town with so many hills it was going to be super flat.

We lined up to start – a huge stretch across the promenade and my watch decided to give up. Fumbling around I managed to get my phone out and start Strava up hoping that it wasn’t going to be too distracting for my run.

Anyway there isn’t much to say about the run itself, as mentioned it was flat and up and down the prom. The views were perfect looking out onto the sea with the old and new pier’s in the distance. I felt pretty good and refreshed with the sea air and the weather couldn’t have been better.

There were pacers at approx. every minute from about 23 to 40. I tried my hardest to keep in front of 27 though they overtook me in the final mile. However, to my surprise they stood moving back and forth in the last 300 meters. Maybe they’re cheering a friend on I thought? So as usual I plodded on trying to speed up in the final few meters. Stop my phone, surprised that I was under 27 … my watch failed though so it all lay down to the email. A few hours later 26.22 was my confirmed time – a 5k PB! Happy with this, I enjoyed a huge brunch at The Breakfast Club and an Aperol Spritz to wash it down with!

A local running group were promoting run and talk so there was so much cake at the end! Thanks to all volunteers for being so welcoming, bringing the sun with them! It was my perfect parkrun location and I’d love to go back in the near future.


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