February 2019

Book of the Month: February

Where has the month gone!

This month I finished reading Matt Haig’s ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’. I loved the rawness and honesty of this book and how relatable Matt’s story was to myself and many others stories.

During the month I was kindly sent a new book ‘A Fool’s Circle’ by Suzanne Seddon to read and review so I’ve made this the focus of February’s Book of the Month.

A crime-thriller, A Fool’s Circle is the story of Kate who is suffering years of mental and physical abuse by her husband, Alan. Keeping the family together for the sake of her daughter, Sophie, Kate suddenly comes into some life-changing money from an an aunt. Confiding in her best-friend Jill about her plan and exciting future, Kate couldn’t have met the good-looking, Jonathon at a better time. On the brink of leaving Alan for good, things suddenly take a turn for the worst for Kate as she ends up being framed for the murder of her husband.

I finished A Fool’s Circle within one week! It was one of those that, once you started, you couldn’t stop.

The author had a fantastic way of making you feel like the story was happening in front of your eyes. The descriptions were so well-detailed that you almost felt all of Kate’s emotions – how she wanted to leave but felt like she couldn’t/didn’t want to break the family up for Sophie. Almost immediately, I feared/hated Alan and secretly cheered when he wasn’t at home!

Though I couldn’t put the book down I did find it fairly predictable – maybe I’ve just read too many books of this kind?! So although there were twists and turns, I guessed them before the book has gotten to them which took the shocking factor out of it. I also found myself confused about the timescale of the book – the relationship with Jonathon appeared to escalate within a day or so which made the story a little less-realistic.

Overall, I’d rate this book 3/5. I was hooked and invested in the characters though feel parts could have been changed/written differently to keep the reader on their toes a little more.

Thank you to Wallace Publishing for letting me read A Fool’s Circle ahead of publishing. A Fool’s Circle is available to buy from the 17th March.

Share your current read with me in the comments below!

Current read: Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh.

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