March 2019

MK Marathon: Training Clinic

I am an Ambassador for the MK Marathon weekend and attended the event as part of this – there was no obligation to write a post on the clinic.

Less than eight weeks to go until the MK Marathon weekend so I wanted to put all the top marathon hints and tips that I learnt during the evening together for the final few training weeks.

The MK Marathon Weekend is in its 8th year, it’s a single-lap marathon and half marathon route that finishes inside the MK Stadium. The event takes place on the first May Bank Holiday Monday with the Rocket 5k on the Sunday. There’s a nice selection of glittery medals up for grabs for finishers of either event! There’s also plenty of toilers – 33,000 in fact! As well as a bag drop, gels and water on route.

Back to the training clinic! We started off learning all things MK Marathon from Event Director, Andy Hully, before moving on to the BMI The Saxon Clinic who ran through injury, how to deal with them and common runner injuries.

The next part was with running with us coach, Nick Anderson – all about training, the marathon, nutrition and hydration. My top takeaways:

  • Don’t train through a cold – it takes 7-10 days to loose fitness and just 7-10 secs to lose confidence
  • At the first sign of a niggle – stop running and cross-train instead
  • Use races to test your fitness
  • Consistency – repair and regeneration makes you better able to adapt
  • Your heart rate may continue to stay up/high 24 hours after a long run – it’s your body telling you that you need to rest
  • Every 3-4 weeks reduce your training
  • Long run should be 30-45 seconds slower than your goal marathon pace
  • During marathon training complex carbs are great and we should snack on protein during every meal
  • Take on gels early i.e. in the first 30 minutes, topping up every 30-45 minutes to avoid hitting the wall

There’s no bias when I say this but the evening was one of the most informative events I’ve been to in terms of learning the marathon ropes. I loved Nick’s enthusiasm and passion about coaching and advice!

During the weekend I’ll be taking part in the Rocket 5k and the MK Half Marathon. Want to join me? For 15% off the full or half marathon, comment below or send me a message on social media. Registration closes on 31st March so sign up now!

Can’t run? 550 volunteers are needed to put on the event, for more information visit:


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