April 2019

Runderwear #dontruncommando

I’ve recently been gifted some Runderwear to try, test and showcase across my social media channels and blog.

I’ve heard lots of great things about Runderwear so was super excited to try them out on some of my training runs. I was sent the women’s support bra, women’s brief and women’s hot pants and so far they’ve been through the run test and at least one wash test.

Runderwear say that they are chafe free, use seamless technology and are moisture wicking. As the sort of runner who steps out of the door and sweats, I prayed that they would be a great solution!

Women’s Support Bra

As a loyal Shock Absorber wearer as in it works and I’m too afraid of trying anything new I was looking forward to trying out a new support bra. I opted for my usual size and it was the first item I tried on. It came with a useful top tips card for the bra, telling you about the removable pads and the 2-4 rule for the best fit.

A slight strap adjustment and it was the perfect fit for me. On the run the bra was comfortable, limited movement and didn’t leave me with any marks on the skin. I liked having the padding – and not for vanity reasons! It was fairly easy to take off a quick un-do then an over-the-head job.

Being me I didn’t read the instructions beforehand so both washes have meant the pads have stayed in. They’ve needed a slight adjustment following drying but still as good as new. Next time, I’ll remove the pads! But overall the support bra washed well with no problems.

Runderwear Women’s Support Bra has a double-thumbs-up from me!

Women’s Brief

A department I’m pretty useless at in terms of running … I mean I wear it but just everyday cotton standard which, I’m no scientist but can’t imagine it’s good for the skin, especially when sweating.

I tried the brief at the same time as the support bra. My god they were SO comfy. I loved the material which felt soft, the brief was seamless through clothing and generally comfy in every way before, during and after my test runs. I got a medium which was a great fit.

Again, post-wash they are still in tact and just as comfy on their second outing.

Another double-thumbs-up for the Runderwear briefs!

Women’s Hot Pants

I tried these on and to be honest didn’t find them as comfy at the brief. They felt like what I imagine it’s like to wear men’s boxer shorts – which may of course suit some runners who prefer the comfort of something longer. The fit was again perfect I just don’t think the style of pant felt right on me.

Though not for me underneath leggings I think they’d be perfect under shorts. I haven’t been able to find a decent pair of 2-in-1 shorts so I’m hoping that this summer I can use these instead.

A single-thumbs-up on the hot pants but ask me in the summer and it may be a double!

Thank you Runderwear for sending the products for review – I’ve loved testing them and am a total convert!

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