May 2019

MK Rocket 5K

I was gifted a place in the MK Marathon Weekend Rocket 5K as part of being one of their ambassadors.

The start of the MK Marathon Weekend and the Rocket 5K. I’d heard good things about this – some use it as a shakeout pre-half/marathon, others as an opportunity for a PB. For me, it was about taking it steady ahead of tomorrow’s half marathon.

I arrived early, parked my car at the stadium finish and called a cab to take me to the start. Number pick-up was super easy in the Wetherspoon pub so there was plenty of room to keep warm before starting.

The race went underway just after 9am and started off with an unhill 0.4 of a mile or so before a nice downhill and easing off to becoming nice and flat! It took pace through the dual carriageways of Milton Keynes (aterall there’s so many to choose from!).

The kilometers ticked away nicely and I tried to keep a 10-minute mile pace throughout – though ended up a little quicker due to the downhill parts. Heart-rate was low and I felt good.

During the last kilometer I really tried to slow down, though the crowds during the final few meters of the race cheered me up and I sped up towards the finish line.

Official time of 28.24.

A fab medal, water and brioche to finish – it felt a little like the Berlin breakfast run.

I’d love to go back and put my all into the MK Rocket 5K to see how it goes. Anyway onto the next and the MK Half Marathon tomorrow (after spending 2-3 hours shopping in Ikea!)!

Good luck to all full marathon and half marathon runners – see you on the other side!

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