July 2019

Doncaster parkrun – the big 100th

It’s been so long that I actually sat down to write something, I thought I’d take cover indoors, from the heatwave!

Last weekend I made it to club 100! It feels like it’s come around pretty fast as it’s been just over a year since number 50 at Edinburgh. Anyway, away at a work event, luckily I managed to squeeze an hour and a half of running in to make it to Doncaster parkrun.

2.3 miles away from where I was staying, I got up and ran/walked – apple in hand – to Sandall Park, managing to make it in time for my apple and a stop at the shop for a sports drink.

The start area was close to a lake which I soon found out we were going to run around … FOUR TIMES!

All the usual announcements and it was parkrun time. The route was essentially a smaller lap of the lake before three long laps across tarmac and grass. First-time around I was loving life, taking in the course – trying to breathe through the humidity and managing to keep a smile on my face.

Laps two and three, on the other hand, felt hard! The grass bit didn’t get any easier but the feeling to be on the tarmac was music to my feet (?) and on the final lap I managed to muster the energy to thank the marshals.

I finished in 28.02 – which on a humid day, after 2.3 miles and another 2.3 to get back I was really pleased with. Doncaster was a friendly parkrun, though three laps weren’t the easiest on the mind!

parkrun number 100 – that’s 500kms worth of timed 5kms complete!

Thanks Doncaster!

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