August 2019

Altra Running Shoes: Review

My local Runners Need in Leicester held another shoe testing night. This time, with a difference, we were off to a local trail – Aylestone Meadow.

I’ve seen the Altra Zero shoes being tested at the National Running Show earlier in the year and have been interested in the zero drop aspect.

Altra claim many benefits of their ZeroDrop including;

  • Spacious toe area (Footshape Toe Box)
  • Women’s fit – narrower heel midfoot/longer arch
  • ZeroDrop promoting low impact
  • Outsole technology to provide traction

We started off by doing a two-mile loop where I tested the Timba 1.5 – we returned to the start ready for another loop so I took the opportunity for a quick shoe swap and tested the Superior 4.0. I’m usually a size 6.5 and my Brooks road shoes are an 8 – to be on the safe side I opted for a size eight in both sizes.

Timp 1.5

It was a bit of a shock to the feet at first. Though I quickly got over it and found the Timp quite comfy. They felt really spacious and early to run in. I was worried they’d be slippy underfoot so was impressed to stay up on both feet. Sadly, they weren’t waterproof so my socks ended up soaked from running through the grass!

Superior 4.0

I loved the colour of these and found the shoe ‘tongue’ really interesting – it was attached to one side of the shoe! The tread on this pair felt so much more stable, right from the go. I felt a little safer in this pair that I’d stay up straight through mud. However, on some surfaces – boardwalk and brick path – they were super slippy (it was a wet evening). Unfortunately, I didn’t find them too comfy and felt a struggle on an uphill concrete section.

It was great to test both pairs – I surprisingly didn’t find the ZeroDrop too awkward and felt I adapted to it pretty easily. If I was going to pick, for my feet, it’d be the Timp!

Let me know what your go-to trail shoe is in the comments.

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