October 2019

Equinox24 Part 2

Nap done, snack enjoyed and bak to the start/finish area for my 10.30pm leg. This was the one I was most nervous about. Running in the dark!

Handover done, headtorch on, I was off around the field and off into the distance. I enjoyed the first lap around the field, this time knowing where the puddles were and where to avoid. It was again time for Not That Hill, where I made a pact with myself to get further up the hill than I did previously. Pass the water station and off I went down The Hill. Looped around and made the struggle up That Hill, which surprisingly wasn’t too bad in the dark.

As I entered the campsite for the final kilometer in the field, I reflected and as it turned out loved my night lap, it was much cooler than the daytime and the darkness wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In honesty, I would have easily done another in the dark!

Second lap 01.04.38.

As I passed over to my teammate I noticed that the vegan churros stand was still open … time for a treat before a few more hours rest.


After the delicious churros, I took myself off to shower (I was cold!) before a few hours of sleep ahead of my morning lap.

A 5am wake-up call and I got myself ready – we were ahead of plan so I was going to be out a little earlier than planned. Banana eaten, it was time to head to the handover area.

My final lap felt good – knowing that would be it though it didn’t make the hills any easier. All I could think about was a bacon sandwich at the end!

It was a really strange feeling stumbling back up That Hill. It felt harder than it had done during my other two runs but once I got to the top I knew that would be it! Anyway, in case you hadn’t already guessed, I made it! And enjoyed the downhill back to the start even more ready for a bacon sandwich and a warm cup of tea.

Third lap 01.09.23.

Back to camp and it started raining so it was time to quickly pack away! There were a few hours still before the end of the event so once packed, it was time to head back t the main area and cheer the rest of our teams through the finish and joining them in the last few meters!

Overall our team completed 23 laps in total in 24:11:20.

I loved Equinox24 – it was such a well-organised weekend, the support on and off the course was really special and the facilities on offer were brilliant. I mean, the showering I was dreading but actually they were one of the best things! And the camping wasn’t THAT bad.

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