April 2016

London Marathon 2016: The Big Day

The big day is here ... Surprisingly I slept really well considering I wasn't in my own bed and felt particularly nervous before going to sleep. I woke up had a bagel with butter (which I didn't finish!) and some water for breakfast, showered and got ready for the day ahead. I left Kennington where… Continue reading London Marathon 2016: The Big Day

March 2016

Training: Week 10 & 11

To sponsor: www.justgiving.com/Abby-Davies-VLM16. 5 WEEKS TO GO, 5 WEEKS TO GO, 5 WEEKS TO GO ... I keep telling myself! Time is flying, the nerves are really starting to kick in and training is starting to take its toll, in both a good way and a not so good way. Week 10 Monday - rest Tuesday… Continue reading Training: Week 10 & 11

February 2016

Training: Week 6 and 7

I can't believe that its now just 9 weeks to go! Training is in full swing, I'm getting the miles up and finally feel like I'm getting used to it. Week 6 Monday - rest Tuesday - Running club and intervals, uphill sprints. They tipped me over the edge but managed a couple - 3.47… Continue reading Training: Week 6 and 7