November 2020

A little life update…

2020… what a year it’s been or not so much of a year. It’s already November and this time last year I was in Athens about to take on my second marathon within seven days. How times have changed (look at all those people!)!

This year has been a bit of a blur. Starting off with an ambitious marathon plan, achieving a PB at the Big Half and running a super speedy Ferry Meadows parkrun to trying to find the motivation to get out of the door for yet another solo run before the return of running club nights, I can hardly believe we’re thinking about Christmas already.

So what have I been up to?

I quit my training plan as soon as Manchester was postponed to October 2020. I’d planned for some slow, easy miles ahead of starting training back up again in June. Once that was postponed to October and I already had the Oxford half booked, I decided to defer my pace to 2021. For most of the first lockdown, I spent my time running up and down the canal and getting to know the local area a little bit more! Taking part in the Virtual Leicester Road Running League gave me something to work towards. Club nights started back up in small groups and races started again. Although I didn’t manage to make it to one, I signed up to the Silverstone half due to take part mid-November.

I worked at home throughout the lockdown so took advantage of making up a commute by going for a walk or popping out for some fresh air during lunch. As well as that I spent a lot of non-working/running time reading books and cooking new recipes. I took a week’s holiday to Devon where I got engaged (lots of wedding planning to come!) and as life stated return to some form of normality was in quite a nice routine.

Another lockdown. What next?

The latest lockdown came as a bit of shock to me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve switched off from the news but I just wasn’t expecting it! Anyway, having ramped up my training for Silverstone over the past few weeks it feels like it’s all coming to a halt. Aiming to be in the present, my plan for the current lockdown is to stay active with a minimum of 30 minutes a day – this might be running, walking or using the indoor exercise bike but my aim is to keep moving and enjoy daylight hours where I can!

Happy Lockdown 2.0.

Stay happy, stay safe and if you’re ever in need of a chat, hit me up!


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