September 2015

The forgotten unpublished post…

From 4 weeks ago. Another update coming soon!

Runs: 3

Miles: 11.81

Time: 2h 8m 12s

This week I’ve started to up the miles and last Sunday successfully completed a 10k race in 1 hour 8 and 29 seconds. The 10k race took place at Stanwick Lakes close to Wellingborough ( and it was a lovely bright Sunday morning for a run not to mention the setting!

I started off at a steady pace and bar the 1k walk between 6k and 7k managed to run most of the way around.

My trouble so far has been eating before runs so this time I had a bowl of cereal and cup of tea around 2 hours beforehand which seemed to settle ok by the time it came around to starting.

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups went down a treat post-race!


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