April 2018

Run Report: Sixfields Upton parkrun

On the way down south I took a run-stop on the way to Sixfields Upton Parkrun – a new Parkrun event on the outskirts of Northampton. Having driven past Upton Country Park time and time again I’d always meant to have a walk around so this Parkrun was the perfect opportunity.

I arrived in good timing, parking at the cinema down the road – as instructed by the website – and followed the flurry of runners to the country park. It was a bit of a walk but provided a nice warm-up. Arriving to the start area there was so much excess water with the amount of rain over the past few days – a little obstacle to start the day with…


Plenty of first timers attended the briefing which told us a little about the course and what to expect and next we were lining up at the start ready to set off. The path was pretty narrow here and lots of people were starting on the grass. With my recent track record of slipping I opted to stay on the path and towards the back of the crowd. We were warned that rather than go around the puddles we should just run through them by the race director at the start line. Just go with it I said to myself!


Off we went and this part I found quite hard due to the tightness of the path, it was hard to get around anyone. Splashing through the puddles my feet were sopping – it felt like the puddles had moved in to my running shoes. Rather than sulk I embraced it with a smile on my face. The entire run was a case of, no puddles in shoe, puddles in shoe, no puddle, puddle!

The route took us further in to the park and round in to a working farm, sheep and lambs starting at the runners when we went past. Back round to the start area, lap 1 was over and lap 2 began. Mid-way through lap 2 my mind wandered to what I was going to have from McDonalds – my treat for completing the run.

Through the farm and back to the start/finish area we went, this part seemed to go on forever even though the finish line was in sight in my head the loop wasn’t long but it was! Through the finish tunnel I took out my phone and stopped the clock for a respectable time of 28.50. Token collected, chocolate rabbit handed (I love it when Parkrun’s treat the runners) I was happy to stop and get my breath back.

I really enjoyed this Parkrun, my legs felt good and overall it was enjoyable. I particularly liked the route map at the beginning and the Easter bunny was on the course dishing out high-fives.


Thanks to all the volunteers who put on the event, for the chocolate and the photos!


Check out my alphabet Parkrun A-Z and if anyone has any suggestions then drop me a message!

And that’s March’s month of running rounded off.

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