June 2015

1K …

Welcome to my first blog week’s update!

This week was a slower week due to other commitments (and netball!) though I did complete the following:

Runs – 2

Miles – 7.89

Total Time –  1h 25m 43s

I completed my longest run yet at 4.72 miles in 50m 32s (or 7.59k) earlier in the week, through a 5 minute warm up then four-repetitions of 10-minute runs, 1-minute walks. it wasn’t as bad as I thought though I was still tomato faced and exhausted afterwards! Anyway, a pretty good achievement considering I’ve only reached 5k so far!

In other fundraising news, I’ve began contacting local businesses for raffle prize donations. I found a great article on ‘The Free Wealth’ (www.thefreewealth.com/my-blog/how-to-get-raffle-prize-donations) which was really useful when beginning my search.

As expected I’ve had more we can’t helps than we can but have also had some ‘YES’S’ from the following places:

  • De Montfort Hall, Leicester
  • The Phoenix Cinema, Leicester
  • Rockingham Castle, Rockingham
  • Farndon Fields Farm Shop, Market Harborough

Thanks so much to all of these places for the support and donation offers, it’s very much appreciated. I’m still a fair way off so if anybody reading can donate prizes or knows anybody who will then do pass on my details! I’m planning on holding the raffle at the end of August/the beginning of September this year.

Thanks for reading!

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